Adoption Enquiries

It is great that you are thinking of opening up your heart & home to a rescue dog.

All foster & adoption enquiries are subject to a home check & must be within the East

Anglia region.

A home check is an essential part of the process which all homes must pass prior to a 

dog being placed with them.

Factors We Consider

  • Garden - is it secure? Height of fence being suitable for the dog you are applying 

       for. Dangers in the garden.

  • Do you or the family work? - How long will the dog be left alone for?

  • Have you got any pets?

  • Do you have young children?

  • A great attitude.

A great attitude goes a long way to making the placement of a dog successful. Some of the dogs have challenges that with the right care & training, eventually will go away.

Emergencies crop up and sometimes the rescue is overrun, meaning we can't always answer enquiries or respond immediately. Understanding, compassion & consideration makes the development of relations so much easier.

Adoption Enquiry Form

Do you own your own property? If not, do you have proof that you are able to have a dog on the property?
What is the maximum amount of time per day the dog would be left alone for?

Thanks for submitting! We will be in contact via email within 3- 7 days

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