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A Home For Two?

Senior sisters Holly & Bella (13 years old) are looking for a home where they can stay together.

Holly & Bella have been with us for a couple of years but sadly her foster has fallen ill so we are in desperate need of a home that will take in a pair of senior girls.

These two are sisters and are at the ripe age of 13 years old.

These sisters came from a terrible life and can still be fearful of things around them such as raised voices and arms that are waving around the place.

They take time to trust but are full of love and are very well trained.

The home these girls are looking for would involve:

- Being within the East Anglia region

- Can go with other dogs if introduced first

- Small short walks

- Children 12+ years old

They absolutely love their home comforts such as laying on the sofa with some blankets (who doesn't!) and they enjoy a good car journey too.

If you think you can give these senior sisters their forever sofa, please apply by clicking here.

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