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A Trip To The Vets For Jack

Our pair Jack & Tia has been out of kennels for nearly two weeks now. Jack & Tia both came down with kennel cough leaving Jack with pneumonia. Not only that but Jack has two lumps...

Whilst Jack was at the vet's for his kennel cough we also had a needle aspiration done on one of his lumps. The next day, we received the call to say that it IS a mast cell tumour - an aggressive form of cancer that needs to be removed as soon as possible.

Jack is currently recovering from his pneumonia so he is unable to go under anaesthetic for at least another week. We want him to bit fit and strong so he can undergo the anaesthetic.

We have been quoted around £550 for the mast cell removal. This is something that we need to fundraise for. Sadly, Jack is not the only one in our care who has medical needs and often, we are not made aware of these issues prior to the dogs coming into us.

Jack is around 8 years old and came to us around 4 years ago from the pound. Tia also came from us and had been in her adoptive family for a couple of years before Jack joined her. Since then, they have been inseparable!

Recently we got a call to say that due to the families change in circumstances the dogs had to come back to us. It happens, it is what we are here for.

One thing that we swore to do was to keep these two together.

The pair are now in an adoptive home together but we must have Jack's lumps removed.

This is where we need your help.

If you cannot donate, please SHARE THIS story!

If you would like to help towards Jack's surgery costs please donate by clicking here or you can donate using our PayPal address

Vets will take donations directly but donations have to be a minimum of £50 (their rules not ours!)

If you would like to donate via the vets or via banks transfer please get in touch by clicking here.

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