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Yesterday We Received Some Bad News...

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

One of our lifers, Belle, had a vet visit yesterday regarding a suspicious lump.

We have been told that the lump on her chest is a mast cell tumour. This is an aggressive form of cancer which is fast growing.


#Belle needs surgery asap to remove this lump as it will continue to grow and the surgeons need to ensure that they can get good margins all the way around to get all of the affected tissue.

The cost of such surgery has been quoted at around £650 which is what we are needing to raise.

The tissue will then be sent of to histology where we will find out what grade of cancer it is, and whether or not it is the type that spreads.

Belle lives with Sara and has lived with Sara for many years.

Sara herself plays a huge part in rescue with helping with transports, collecting things to raise funds, baking for stalls etc.

I am sure many of our supporters, fosters & adoptees have in fact met Sara, and likely Belle at some point.

This operation is urgent and will be going ahead within the next 2 weeks. We desperately need to raise the funds for this.

If you are able to donate to Belle's upcoming operation please click here the button below.

We will keep you all updated on Belle's operation, results & progress.

We have several dogs that we class as lifers - this is where they are in a safe & loving home and we provide medical care for life to them for whatever the reason. This is often due to having a known history which will require ongoing treatment and sometimes these dogs would not get the safe & loving home the deserve due to these ongoing medical issues.

To read more on Belle's story and how she came to us click here.

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