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Desperate For A Home

Blossom first came to us nearly two years ago and still has not found her home!

Blossom is an elderly girl and could really do with a home to finally call her own.

She is what we call a dinky Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

She first came to us nearly two years ago as a stray poundie. During those two years, she has had some time in kennels and been in two foster homes.

Everyone that meets Blossom falls instantly in love with her as she truly is a sweetheart dog with a sweetheart personality, yet she hasn't had one home offer in all that time.

Blossom is what we call a plod along type dog. She likes her walks but what she loves, even more, is her cuddles. She is estimated at around 10 years of age.

If you see Blossom, the first thing she does is try and get on your lap for a cuddle and she will just curl up there.

Blossom has some allergies which mean she has to be on a RAW diet. This helps control her allergies.

Due to the allergies she does suffer from ear infections, but once the diet is right this will also improve.

Blossom needs a pet free home as she is not keen on other dogs. She will walk in the vicinity of them but does not like them near her or in her face.

She is muzzle trained and wears a muzzle when is being walked.

Blossom can be rehomed with children aged 6+. She actually adores children but we obviously are aware that she is getting older.

If we can find a home that will give Blossom her forever sofa we will continue her ear care treatment.

It would be amazing if we can find Blossom a home within the East Anglia region. Simply by sharing this story you may help by putting her face in front of her potential home.

If you are interested in adopting Blossom please get in touch here.

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