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Happy Homes - June 2019

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

It is always busy for us here at the rescue and most of the time you guys don't get to see half of what goes on into the running of the rescue and rehoming of the dogs.

So many of you see dogs go up for rehoming on the page but never see their ending. So we wanted to show you just a few that have gone off to their adoptive homes over the last month.

First up is Dave.

Dave is an English Sheepdog cross and was looking for a rescue space as he had an altercation with a dog when out walking.

When he was assessed at kennels they felt he needed to be an only dog as though his dog assessment seemed 'good' he was very stiff and not relaxed around the other dog.

We felt that Dave needed time to find himself, relax and learn to be a dog again!

Dave went into foster and soon started to relax and come out of himself and his wonderful personality started to shine through.

He has a new brother Diseal (Rottweiler) and has found a love of horses.

Next up we have Poppy (the black girl)

Poppy is a terrier mix that needed to come into East Anglia Dog rescue due to in-house fighting with the resident dog.

Poppy's new home helped set Poppy up to integrate her with new brother Noodle and they are getting on really well.

Last but not least, Dixie.

Dixie is an 8-year-old Border Terrier who found herself needing to be rehomed.

In her older age Dixie struggled to be in a home with too much going on and liked her comforts and to be left alone to sleep.

Dixie has fitted in really well with her new home and is definitely enjoying her home comforts!

These are just 3 dogs from the last month that we have picked out so you can see what happens on the other end or the rehoming posts that you get to see.

As always, all our dogs have our rescue back up and if for whatever reason they need to come back, East Anglia Dog Rescue will be there for them.

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