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Is There A Home For Panda?

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Panda has been with us for nearly 3 years..surely there is a home out there for her?!

So, who is Panda? What is Panda's story?

3 odd years ago we received a phone call from a pound begging us to take a dog that had no name. The pound guy was desperate as they were completely full and the next task for this unnamed girl was to be put to sleep to enable room in the pound. It happens..that is the pound system sadly. This girl really got to the pound worker as she is lovely and he couldn't see that happen to her. So, we made arrangements and Panda came into emergency boarding with us the next day.

She did not have a name so we called her Panda. Since then Panda has been in a foster home and has had x-rays on her hips and knees as we could see something wasn't quite right. Panda does have arthritis in her hip and in one of her back knees which means that Panda cannot be walked for long periods at a time and jumping should be kept down to a minimal. In general, Panda's leg/hip/knee does not bother her and unless you watched her movements closely, you wouldn't know.

Panda likes to live life to the full. She is the fast and the furious! Life is just far too exciting for our fizzy bottle of panda pop!

Panda is now 5- 7 years old and though her fosters love her immensely, they are not her forever home!

This is what Panda needs:

- A home within the East Anglia region.

- Children 10 plus - she does jump up and she is very excitable. Think of a tazzy devil spinning in in a tornado blur!

- Pet free - Panda can interact with dogs but she does have issues around toys and food and would not like to share those things with others. She thoroughly enjoys all the attention she can get.

- A garden.

Panda actually knows a host of cues from the training which her foster family have input into her.

Panda does need someone that will take the time to get to know her. When she first arrives into a home she does like to push her boundaries and a lot of that is out of lack of trust. She needs to know she isn't going to be thrown out and you are not going anywhere, for her to start to build a trust and bond with you.

Panda IS FULL OF ENERGY! She needs someone who can work on calming activities, enrichment, mental stimulation, training as well as several short walks.

Panda has so much love to give, i cannot get that across enough and she isn't for the faint-hearted.

Surely that doesn't mean she is unhomeable though?

Please share Panda's story everywhere to help us find her forever home.

Think Panda is the dog for you? Get in touch by clicking here.

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