Safe Rehoming Scheme

Our Safe Rehoming Scheme is for people who are faced with the sad task of rehoming their dog for whatever the reason may be.

We offer the facility to try ad find their dog a new home whilst providing the dog with rescue back up (RBU).

People can fill in the form below to register their dog's details with us as East Anglia Dog Rescue.

Dogs that we do take on are expected to remain in your care whilst we search for a suitable home. We ask that if we put your dog up under our Safe Rehoming Scheme that you do not advertise the dog elsewhere - as it wastes our time and resources which could go into a dog that really does need our help.

For urgent cases, we may consider placing the dog into either a foster home if one is available or a kennel facility. This is purely depending on circumstances and each case is looked at independently.

Please note that we cannot take on every dog that we get asked to take. In some cases we may pass over other suitable rescue's that may be able to offer their help.

When filling out the application form we ask that owners answer as honestly as they can. It is unfair on your dog and the potential new home if the form is not filled out as honestly as can be.

Please only tick that your dog is an urgent case if they must be rehomed within the next 1-3 days! Urgent dogs will get a priority answer over other applicants and by falsely ticking this box is can cause consequences for other dogs on the waiting list and a waste in our time & resources.

Application For Safe Rehoming Scheme
Dog's Gender
Is Your Dog Neutered/Spayed?
Has Your Dog Been Around Children?
Is Your Dog OK To Be Left Alone?
How Long Is Your Dog OK To Be Left Alone For?
Has Your Dog Ever Bitten A Person?
Is This An URGENT Case?

Thanks for submitting! We will be in contact via email within 3 - 7 days

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