Rescue Back-Up (RBU)

Rescue backup for life - means exactly that!

The same way your children are always your children even after they have moved out of home, our dogs are always under our care no matter what.

Even if our dogs have been adopted for years we still have their files & their information and will take the dog back into our care and re-home them if their current home can no longer keep them.

We are always available on the phone and online to speak to you about any issues you may be having or any concerns and will always do our best to help you as much as possible.

This is not just for adoption but for fosters as well, we want you to enjoy your experience of loving and homing a dog, whether it is long or short term.




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Our Services

Safe Rehoming Scheme


People who are faced with the sad task of rehoming their dog are offered the facility to try and find their dog a new home.

People can register their dog's details with East Anglia Dog Rescue where they then try to find a suitable new home for your pet.

Offering lifetime rescue back up means the dog is safe for life.

The rescue does not pay out owner's vets bills but will help where they can if your dog needs a new home.

If you would like to apply to place your dog into our Safe Rehoming Scheme please Click Here.

Are you possibly looking for a new family member?

All our dogs come with rescue back up, are neutered, chipped & assessed.

We do not have a  set criteria for homes to meet as we try our best to match each dog up to the right home.

Each dog has its own needs and will need to fit into the home that suits them best.

You can check out the dogs that we have looking for their homes here.

If you are interested in adopting one of our dogs, please get in touch by clicking here.